Contracted Maintenance & Repair Services

D724’s Contracted Services includes customized services that are directed towards uninterrupted and highly effective operation of critical information technologies systems, and services that are provided at various service levels within the direction of your requirements. Following services are provided all together or according to the options you selected; telephone support, remote access maintenance, on-site maintenance, and protective maintenance, repair services with or without provision of spare parts. D724 provides you reliable and uninterrupted operation facilities by providing your firm the option to choose only the service(s) you need.

Telephone Support Service
Within the scope of our Telephone Support Services, you may find solutions to your technical problems by obtaining service from various options, such as 7/24 or 5/8. Furthermore, your calls are responded by D724 professionals, who are experts in their fields, and your technical problems are solved immediately. While purchasing our Telephone Support Services, you may either choose from our 5 call or 10 call packages, or you may obtain unlimited call service for a certain period of time within the scope of the requirement of your firm, and you may observe how uninterrupted operation contributes to your firm in your intense periods of work

Remote Access Maintenance Service
Thanks to D724’s Remote Access Maintenance Service and independent from place, all of our support services are provided by D724’s professionals, who are experts in their fields, with the assistance of remote access. You may receive our Remote Access Maintenance Service that is provided with several options, such as 7/24 or 5/8, as 5 call or 10 call packages or you may receive this service with no limits on the number of calls for a certain period.

On-site Maintenance Service
Our On-site Maintenance Service is provided to our clients, who preferred this service, by the experts of D724 on the site where the problem occurred, at any time when our clients come across with a problem. You may receive this service that we provide with several options up to the preference of your firm, such as 7/24 or 5/8, in the form of packages with 5 or 10 calls, or you may receive this service with no limits on the number of calls for a certain period based on the requirement of your firm.

Protective Maintenance Service
Protective Maintenance Service that we provide in order to prevent the operation of your business from being interrupted after coming across with a problem aims to prevent occurrence of problems that may emerge by controlling systems regularly. Within the framework of the Protective Maintenance Service, your devices that are included in our area of activity are controlled periodically, and thereby, warning systems are formed. By taking necessary measures with regards to potential problems that are detected by our experts and incoming warnings, we ensure that problems that may occur do not interrupt your business flow.

Repair Service With/Without Spare Parts
Our Repair Service With Spare Parts aims to repair the devices owned by your firm within a specific period of time by considering the costs of the spare parts of the equipment that may cause problems by breaking down. As a result of this service, equipment costs that may occur within the period you specified may be envisaged, and therefore, you may not interrupt the cash flow of your firm because of unexpected failures. Thanks to this service, equipment failures that may occur in your systems are solved by our team of experts, and therefore, you may refrain from unforeseen maintenance or spare part costs that may occur as a result of failures that may emerge.

In our Repair Service Without Spare Parts, cost of the spare part that shall be required is determined following determination of failure, and repair procedures are performed following approval of the client.

Product families that we provide services for are as follows;

  • Corporate Computers
  • Corporate Intel and Unix Based Servers
  • Corporate Data Storage Products
  • Corporate Printers
  • Blade Class Servers