finansbank-logoFinansbank, who aims at high efficiency in its procedures, preferred D724 during replacing all of the computers in its branches and transition of the same to MS Windows 7.

D724’s Site Installation and Roll-Out services were implemented rapidly and perfectly in the project where it was aimed to make a transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 on the personal computers that used Windows XP operating system and that are available in the branches of Finansbank and departments of the General Directorate, as well as to replace 3750 computers with out-dated technology.

Finansbank Site Installation and Roll-Out Solution by the Numbers:

  • 3708 users were formed in 528 branches in 66 provinces.
  • 3987 users computers’ were upgraded in 19 provinces within 2 months in total, 206 of these computers were located in the General Directorate.
  • Images were installed and labelled in 2750 new personal computers, and delivered to relative departments.
  • New images were installed to available 3945 personal computers.
  • Data transfer was performed on 7695 personal computer in total, and therefore, stored data of the users were protected.