Installation and Roll-Out Services

D724 installs the information technologies hardware and software of your company across Turkey in project management standards with its rapid, dynamic and professional team.

Installation Services: D724 makes the hardware and software that shall operate on the same operational. Our installation services include the following:

  • Hardware Installation;
  • Analysis of the infrastructure necessary for hardware installation
  • Configuration determination
  • Physical installation of hardware and making the same operational
  • Software Installation;
  • Making the operating system and software that shall operate on the hardware operational according to the operating standards
  • Making the necessary performance configurations for the operating system and software that shall be installed

Roll-Out Services
Our roll out services include installation of various hardware and software on the clients and servers of your firm. Various maintenance and repair services are provided by the expert team of D724, such as new software installation, updating available software, making hardware changes etc. D724 also provides the infrastructure necessary for provision of subject matter services by your information technologies personnel.

Technology Refreshment Services
Making necessary changes on the infrastructure and technology of your company is one of the perfect services of D724.

Client Refreshment Services
D724 easily ensures that the available clients and all of the different on-site clients of your company to be replaced with new ones across Turkey. We perform this procedure within the scheme of a certain project calendar at one or more locations of your firm.

Image Uploading Services
Our service that includes transfer of images prepared by your firm or D724 to the clients may be performed in your firm or at the offices of D724 according to your preference.

Transportation Services
Your clients that shall be installed at various locations are transported to the required installation locations within the framework of a calendar under the assurance of D724. Thanks to transportation timing program, storage of your new clients at the area of installation prior to replacement procedure is no longer a problem. Transportation of your previous clients to your firm of to the headquarters of D724 is also an option that is available in our Transportation Services.

Storage Services
Storage of your clients before and after replacement is performed by D724. D724 shall become your newest and the most correct option you may choose for your firms or departments that do not have sufficient storage area.

Insurance Services
Thanks to the insurance service provided by D724, you may insure your clients against physical damages that may occur during replacement of your clients or transportation of the same to your various offices. Thanks to this service, you may prevent occurrence of unexpected costs that source from replacement or transportation procedures from the very beginning.

Data Cleansing Services
Data Cleansing Service is a service we provide that gives you the opportunity to get rid of your clients securely by cleansing the data stored on your former clients in a way that such data may never be recovered. Thanks to this service, all of the data stored on your personal computers and that may pose critical risks for your firm - if such data are shared with others - are cleansed in a way that such data may never be recovered