Installation, Move, Add, Change, and Disposal Services (IMACD)

All of the services that you may require during transfer of your firm to a new location may be ensured within the scope of D724’s Installation, Move, Add, Change, and Disposal Services, and therefore, you may move out securely without any defects. Within the scope of our Installation, Move, Add, Change, and Disposal Services, we plan all of the operational processes that are necessary for your firm to be transferred to your new business environment, and we perform all types of turn-key projects within the framework of this plan.

Movement Management Services
D724 provides you a single contact point in relation with the movement procedure of your firm, and all of the procedures related with the movement are performed via this contact point. All of the activities that are included in the movement procedures are managed and implemented by D724’s team of experts. Management of your movement plans and your insurance procedures or technical problems you may experience are assessed and solved within the framework of our Movement Management Services.

Movement Planning Services
D724, who considers all types of requirements during a change in the location of your firm, prepares movement plans of your information technology devices according to your specific requirements. Several issues are determined priorly within the scope of the plan prepared for you, such as your calendar, problem solution points, risks and measures that may be adopted against these risks and methods etc.

Documentation Services
All of the stages of your movement procedures are monitored by reports, and preserved in written. The documentations where you may follow the stages of the services we provided to your firm include movement calendar, former and new layout plans, characteristics of your system room, layout plan of your new location etc.

Design and Installation Services for System Room
Our Design and Installation Services for System Room include ideal services for those who desire to move their companies and to install components of their system room in their new locations during movement procedures, as well as for those firms who are engaged in the business sector recently. We may also design a new system room within the scope of such service. System room design includes new components, such as cabling, cooling systems, uninterrupted power source, access control, and therefore, it ensures that these components are used according to your requirements.

Design and Installation Services for Disaster Recovery Centre
We provide Disaster Recovery Centre installation services during movement procedures in order to fully back up the data that is stored in your devices where critical information of your firm is stored or to back up a part of such data that is critical for you. Disaster Recovery Centre services may be provided at the location of the customer, and D724 may also provide such services.

Insurance Services
All of the devices that are subjected to movement procedure are insured in order to cover the cost of physical damages that may occur during movement procedures. Consequently, problems that may occur as a result of movement are removed as soon as possible, and therefore, there would be no need to allocate an additional financial source to solve these problems.

Logistic Services
D724 may undertake the technical operations that shall be performed during movement procedures, as well as logistic services related with the movement procedure. D724 collaborates with partners, who are expert in their fields, during movement of electronic equipment, and therefore, D724 minimizes any risks that may occur during movement of electronic equipment.

Client Installation Services
In addition to the system room, movement of client may also be included to the project during movement procedures. Clients available in the former location are labelled and numbered during client movement procedures, and they are installed in the new location on the basis of the movement plan.

Device Maintenance Services
General maintenance services are provided and tests are performed on the moved devices before and after movement procedures, and therefore, transfer of ongoing problems to the new location are prevented or problems that occurred during movement procedures are detected and it is ensured that such problems are removed in minimum amount of time.

Business Continuity Services
D724 provides services to customers in relation with business continuity in order to prevent interruptions that may emerge during movement procedures. These services include provision of the following during movement procedures; provision of temporary server, provision of work area or rental of data centre area for remote access purposes. Our customers, who benefit from this service, remove interruptions that may occur during movement procedures, and therefore, they minimize the interruptions that the movement procedure may cause in the work flow.