Outsourcing Services


You may meet all the information technologies related needs of your company without making any investments by using Outsourcing Services provided by D724. Entire planning will include customised scope and service levels that are prepared according to the requirements of your company. D724 employs your team of experts within the scope of the service you specified, therefore, you would not have to accommodate any experts in your company. Your IT infrastructure and your team may be managed directly at your headquarter or from remote. All servers, storage systems, network devices etc. forming your information technology infrastructure, may also be provided by D724 as a service. You may fully outsource your information technology infrastructure to D724, as well as choose some spesific services.

Main services provided to your company by D724 within the scope of Outsourcing Services are as follows: 

  • Desktop Management Services
  • Technical Specialist Employment Services 
  • Data Centre Management Services
  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • Network Management Services
  • System Management Services