Service Desk Services

In the call centre system that is established for you to submit failure reports, to communicate your technical problems, and to reach solutions and suggestions that are consistent with your questions, you may obtain support and consultancy services on all types of products and services from relative departments. By using service management infrastructure that is designed in compliant with ITIL discipline, you may benefit from Service Desk Services for 7/24 or 5/8 with the content and levels that are determined particularly for your company.

Rapid solutions with a dynamic team of experts: In a short period, you may reach to the correct solution with our team of experts, who are appointed to solve problems. Keeping records of and reporting problems, taking preventive measures on reoccurring questions or notifying users are also lie at the heart of our Help Desk Services.

User specific service desk telephone number: You may use D724’s call centre telephone number in order to benefit from our Service Desk Services, and you may also obtain a telephone number specific to your company. In this procedure, greeting messages and switchboard menus are prepared specifically for you. Calls made by your users are directed to the required locations in your company in a switchboard environment that they are used to.

Call centre personnel for special projects or general support purposes: Call centre service may be for general system support purposes, as well as it may be provided throughout a project in the case of special projects. In both cases, call centre personnel may be provided by D724, and therefore, we prevent our clients from incurring personnel costs, such as payroll procedures or provision of training.

Measurable operation periods: We provide Service Desk Services at suitable times and time periods according to the requirements of your company, such as 7/24 or 5/8. Furthermore, our team that obtains advanced language skills may also provide support to your problems in various countries, if necessary.

Complaint management: Complaints coming from various departments of the companies that benefit from complaint management services of D724 are examined and classified. Necessary measures are taken in order to remove such complaints. All of the incoming complaints and actions taken following such complaints are classified in digital environment, and reports are prepared in order to increase service quality of your company.

  • Within the scope of our Service Desk Services, you may contact us from 444 3 724, or from the address of or from the e-mail address of
  • All of the calls made to our call centre are recorded, examined and reported regularly.