About Us

D724 Information Services is a strategic business partner that provides cost and competitive advantage to its corporate customers by providing reliable, quality and sustainable information technology services. As D724 Information Services, we aim to offer you information technologies as a service, so that you can focus on your own business and gain competitive advantage in your field of activity.

Our Vision

We exist to provide our stakeholders with the most up-to-date and highly beneficial IT services in their technology journey.

- Stakeholder: Our Customers and Business Partners
- Technology Journey : Use and adaptation of technology that responds to changing business needs
- Up-to-date: Renewing itself in response to changing business and compliance needs.
- High Benefit: Not only fulfills the need but also proposes additional solutions/measures.

Our Mission

To enable our customers to focus on their own business by providing information technologies with a reliable, high quality and continuous service understanding, and thus to be a stakeholder in labor, time and efficiency gains.

- In our country: Covering every region that customers need.
- Regional Geography : Selected markets
- Our Stakeholders Producer, Customer, Employees, Shareholder, Business Partners, - Sustainable: The company, the business, the working model is such that it can be sustained
- Value Creation: Not only meeting the need but also suggesting additional solutions/measures
- Leader To grow in market share in our country, to ensure market penetration in target countries

As Data Market Anatolian Side branch, we started our operations in Yenisahra under the name of D724 Technical Service Center.

HP/HPE Authorized Service
Brand Independent Repair Center
On-site Repair Services
Field Services
Turkey Widespread Service
Bursa Branch

As a subsidiary of 100% Data Market, D724 Bilişim Hizmetleri Tic. A.Ş as a 100% subsidiary of Data Market.


Virtualization Technologies Support Center was established.

VMware Support Center
Managed Services
Corporate Services
Ankara Branch
LENOVO Authorized Service Center
Monitoring Services
Dell TechDirect Partner

Our Managed Services department is now operational.

As a team, we have grown by an average of 12% every year, reaching over 150 employees in 10 years.
Dell Technologies Service Partner
In the "Customer Service Excellence" program organized among service partners in the EMEA region, HP awarded the "CustomerService Excellence" award to D724, which provides service by keeping repair processes and customer satisfaction at the highest level.

We continue to provide IT services to over 500 corporate customers with our experienced team.

Our Customers

A few of our corporate customers from different sectors

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