Technical Assistance Desk

With our certified team of experts, we strive to contribute more to your company by using the latest software and systems in Help Desk service according to the needs of our customers.

Call Pickup (L0)

Special Number

We enable the end user to meet the support staff through the 0850 line we allocate.

Call Queue

With categorization and announcement routing, we prioritize calls and ensure that users reach the operator as soon as possible.

Expert Personnel / Competence

With our certified experts, we are able to meet service requirements for different technologies

User Prioritization

We connect your VIP users defined in the system directly with the support staff without keeping them waiting in the call queue.


We provide periodic SLA-based call reports.

  • Incoming Call Reports
  • Cancel Call Reports
  • Queue Reports
  • Operator Reports
  • Sign Reports
  • Campaign Reports
  • Automatic Search Reports
  • Abandoned Call Reports
  • End User Support (L1-L2)

    Modular Scope

    We offer affordable alternative solutions with call-based and call packages with our dedicated or pooled resources specific to your needs.

    First Contact (FCR)

    By adopting the FCR method and making regular checks to prevent duplicate calls and to ensure that the service level does not decrease, we ensure that the team that will provide the first phone support or meet your call first solves tickets in more categories and we update our organization so that you get a solution the first time you contact us.


    We provide periodic reports to our customers for the conditions in our scope of service. In these reports, our customers can view the number of opened/closed tickets, assignment time between groups according to service level, waiting time in groups, hourly density graph and hourly category-based density graphs.

    Knowledge Base

    While producing solutions for the problems we face, we create a large Knowledge Base with the knowledge we have gained from these solutions.


    Prioritizing your tickets with our remote solution team
    We provide intervention in order of importance.

    System Monitoring

    24/7 Support

    With our 24/7 technical support staff, we monitor your critical systems and take quick actions in case of potential problems.

    Analysis & Reporting

    During your contract, we record the alarms coming from your systems and enable you to measure your service and structure by analyzing system error logs with our periodic reports.


    During your contract, we record the alarms coming from your systems and enable you to measure your service and structure by analyzing system error logs with our periodic reports.

    Survey Studies

    Satisfaction Surveys

    To maximize the quality of operations, you need to support your internal and external customers
    We organize satisfaction surveys.

    Special Surveys

    While making your in-house application transitions, we also inform you about the user experience and provide you with information about the next improvements you will make to your system.
    we help you collect what you need.

    Periodic Project Support


    With our flexible structure for your support needs in your periodic projects, we quickly expand our team according to your needs and ensure that you receive expert support during the day and in shifts during the project.

    Time Saving

    You focus only on your business; you are not busy with HR processes such as personnel search, recruitment and training.


    We support our staff assigned to projects with our internal resources. Thus, since we are the authorized service of world-renowned manufacturers, our technical experts who support your periodic projects are certified people who are closely familiar with client, enterprise and Microsoft products.
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