Maintenance and Repair Services

D724 provides non-warranty services in an ITIL-compliant service management infrastructure in accordance with TSE and ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.
All processes from the delivery of the defective product to D724 until the delivery of the maintenance and repair services to you are recorded. During this entire process, a detailed and timely monitoring is carried out by measuring the time spent at each stage.

Our Advantages

Motherboard Repair Service

We offer motherboard repair service to extend the life of your broken computers and computer parts and to make your burnt motherboards usable again.

Motherboard Repair Service Support Scope

PC / Notebook

Display Card

BGA Reballing

BIOS and IO Programming

hard-disk-drive (1)

Data Recovery Service

Depending on the damage to your devices, we offer data recovery services with up to 100% success rate. You can contact us for data recovery in cases such as RAID structure corruption, virus infection, formatting, liquid contact, natural disaster, dropping to the ground.

Data Recovery Service Support Scope

Harddisk / SSD

Server / Virtual Server

RAID Degraded Disks

Damaged Database

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