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We provide maintenance and support services to our customers' server, data storage and backup systems with our competent expert staff, brand-independent wide stock of devices and spare parts.

Within the Scope of Corporate Services

Our Services

  • Hardware Maintenance Service Including Parts
  • Hardware Maintenance Service Excluding Parts
  • On-Call Hardware Maintenance Service
  • System Room Migration

For customers who have purchased our hardware maintenance service, we store all necessary spare and replacement parts for hardware failures and in the event of a failure, we provide a repair service including parts according to the service level (SLA) within the framework of our agreement.

In this way, we prevent our customers from wasting time with purchasing and approval processes in case of instant problems, allowing them to focus on their other business.

For our customers who purchase our hardware maintenance service excluding parts, we determine the cost of the spare parts needed after the fault detection made after the request is received and send our part offer to our customer. We will carry out the repair after the customer has given his/her consent.

Service prices are very affordable since only expert support is offered in agreements excluding parts. However, the fact that the risk of part cost and lead time is borne by the customer in this agreement is a negative situation for our customer.

In our on-call hardware maintenance service, solutions are produced in a single service for your hardware and software needs, and the labor and materials consumed are charged.

When providing our on-call services, we try to provide support as soon as possible, depending on the availability of staff resources. Since we do not make any commitment for intervention and solution time, it is a service that you can choose for your non-critical systems.

With our system room transportation service, we analyze our customers' systems and the locations where the transportation will take place before the transportation and draw up a project plan against possible risks.

We support our customers with our competent engineers and IT-only transportation team and ensure that all inventory is insured and transported.

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