LC Waikiki Store Support

LC Waikiki Stores On-site System Support, Maintenance and Repair Services
Data Market and D724 Information Services.

LC Waikiki, which started its brand journey in France in 1985, has been continuing as a Turkish brand under the roof of LC Waikiki Mağazacılık Hizmetleri Ticaret A.Ş. since 1997. With the philosophy of “Everyone’s Right to Dress Well”, LC Waikiki offers quality products at affordable prices in 505 stores in 23 countries, allowing its customers to enjoy accessible fashion. LC Waikiki aims to “become one of the three most successful clothing retailers in Europe by 2023” with its overseas investments, the first step of which was taken in Romania in 2009.

With this project, it is aimed to improve the support process by receiving service within the SLA determined for each critical IT hardware for LC Waikiki stores in Turkey, to reduce downtime according to the commitments that the supplier can also make, and even to be proactive with annual preventive maintenance.
One of the priorities was to increase customer satisfaction by improving service quality by providing on-site service rather than support from a single center.

When device replacement needs arose due to problems, requests were met from the center and cargo delivery times were expected. The return of the problematic devices in the store to the center was monitored, and the devices coming from the store were sent to the services and their repair processes were followed. On weekends and public holidays, products could not be released from the center.

Acceptable and feasible intervention and solution periods should have been determined by province. Especially on the busiest days and at the busiest times. Hardware and operating system problems had to be solved between 10:00-22:00, including weekends and public holidays.LC Waikiki conducted a detailed analysis study for solutions that would enable it to achieve its desired goals. By receiving “On-site System Support, Maintenance and Repair Services” support from Data Market and D724, all needs were met.

Response per Hour
Solution in Hours


  • With the increasing number of stores opening in different locations, it became necessary to improve support processes.
  • It was very important to be proactive by outsourcing for cost advantage, increasing manageability, continuity and follow-up processes.
  • The solution was implemented with Data market and D724. Professional and solution-oriented approach in the selection of the solution partner, quality-oriented, successful work in the retail sector, determination,
    It was important that LC Waikiki was one of the companies we worked with in different IT areas before the solution.


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